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crypto opcodes like SHA3

By Orkun Külçe @orkunkl2020-07-27 09:18:43.048Z

Hi guys, maybe this is a silly question, but how do you deal with crypto opcodes like SHA3 in CosmWasm? I suppose it is a function call to a Rust implementation of it? If so, where in the code may I find that? I am writing a compiler from a custom contract language to WebAssembly, already supports a large portion of eWasm and currently wanting to target CosmWasm, so it would be great if I can receive some hints on the CosmWasm impl

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  1. Orkun Külçe @orkunkl2020-07-27 09:19:34.981Z

    The only opcodes available are the ones from Wasm. I assume sha3 is an Ethereum opcode, not one from Wasm, right? Then you need to inline a Wasm implementation of sha3.

    1. E
      In reply toorkunkl:
      Ethan Frey @ethanfrey2020-07-27 09:25:07.554Z

      As Orkun says, you can just import a crate that provides the functionality and do the hashing in the contract

      You can see a sample where we import and use the sha256 crate in a contract:

      Just one line in Cargo.toml to enable it: