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What is wasm32-unknown-unknown suffix?

By Orkun Külçe @orkunkl2020-08-03 11:20:25.876Z

Follow up of

What is the suffix unknown-unknown? It looks scary when you first see it, can it be changed to something more friendly, if not what is the explanation @ethanfrey?

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  1. Orkun Külçe @orkunkl2020-08-03 11:21:20.109Z

    Answer from @ethanfrey:
    Good question. It comes from rust - this is the best answer:

    If you try rustup target list, you get something like:


    This is called a "target triple" and is defined here

    A target triple consists of three strings separated by a hyphen, with a possible fourth string at the end preceded by a hyphen. The first is the architecture, the second is the "vendor", the third is the OS type, and the optional fourth is environment type. In theory, this specifies precisely what platform the generated binary will be able to run on